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Security Dashboard does not load

We are running Trend Micro Client Server Security (Server) on one of our Win2k3 servers. I can't get the Security Dasboard to come up in IE (v6). The page (https://localhost:4343/officescan/default_SMB.htm) fails to load. IE says "The page cannot be displayed". I've tried everything I can think of and have checked settings.  There is very little information available on the web for this, unless I'm looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place, which is possible. It worked last week and nothing has changed since then.
Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Steve K.
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Thank you moh10ly for the suggested web pages.  However those solutions are for servers that are runing IIS, which this is not.  Tried the fixes indicated in the links but they didn't help. Also searched Trend Micro Tech Support for the umpteenth time, to no avail.

Any other suggestions? Anyone?
You might be infected??
Take a look at this article.. as suddenly your pc stopped the dashboard security on IE this might a helpful info ..

Also check if you have any problem with your license code..!

if non works then I guess you have permission problem..!
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Thanks for the link. We appear to be clean as far as viruses and trojans are concerned.

Since we're not running IIS we started looking at Apache and discovered that it wasn't starting up.  We found that the httpd.conf file had some duplicate entries.  Not sure where they came from or why.  Once we cleaned up the httpd.conf file Apache started up fine. However, we still can't get into Security Dashboard.
Double checked security and all appears to be fine/normal.
I'll keep everyone informed of our strugle.

Thank you,
Steve K.
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I found the following worked better for me:
1. On the Security Server, open the IIS Manager (found in Administrative Tools) and find "OfficeScan" listed under "websites", then close IIS Manager.
2. Open a command prompt and then change directory to ..\Trend Micro\Security Server\PCCSRV.
3. Type the following command and press Enter:
svrsvcsetup.exe -uninstall
4. Open the IIS Manager and check that "OfficeScan" is no longer listed under "websites"
5. Type the following command and press Enter after each entry/line:
svrsvcsetup.exe -install
svrsvcsetup.exe -setvirdir
svrsvcsetup.exe -setprivilege
svrsvcsetup.exe -enablessl
6. Restart the following services:
Trend Micro Security Server Master Service
IIS Admin Service
World Wide Web Publishing service.
7. You may want to open Internet Explorer and clear the history, cookies and cashes/temporary internet files.

Ive put more information here: http://www.brightvisions.co.uk/Latest-Solutions/Trend-Micro-Worry-Free-Dashboard-not-loading-or-blank-page.html
Hope that's helpful, let me know :-)
I found that simply restarting the Apache service on the host server worked perfectly.
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