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KAIO: error in kaio_READ, kaiocbp = 0x47e3fdd8, errno = 22

I receintly ran into an issue on my Informix install.  Everything has been going fine for about a year straight, and then I got this error...

14:04:55  KAIO: error in kaio_READ, kaiocbp = 0x47e3fdd8, errno = 22
14:04:55  fildes = 297 (gfd 44), buf = 0x4b215000, nbytes = 102400, offset = 12996816896
14:04:55  invoke_alarm(): /bin/sh -c '/opt/informix/local/bin/alarmprogram.sh 5 6 "Internal Subsystem failure: 'MT'" "Unexpected virtual processor termination, pid = 3727, exit = 0x100
" '
14:04:55  invoke_alarm(): mt_exec failed, status 256, errno 0
14:04:55  PANIC: Attempting to bring system down

I am not sure what this error means or why I am receiving it.  After it crashed, I was able to bring it back up with just starting the database.  But I want to stop this issue from happening again.  So, my questions are
1. What caused this error?
2. How do I fix it?


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