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Vista sees iPhone, iTunes cannot

've tried everything listed here in the KB article:

Still no joy, I can see the phone in Vista, access photos and the like, but it doesn't show up in iTunes. Running the diagnostics, everything's green except for the "No iPhone or iPod found." Also connecting the iPhone cases Microsoft Sync Center to crash. Is this needed?

Works fine on my Powerbook, just not my Windows machine...
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1.  Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your Powerbook.

2.  Restore your iphone using this latest version.

3.  Make sure your iTunes on your PC is the latest version.

4.  Restore your iphone again on the PC

Please remember to back up your files on your iphone before restoring.

Here is a reference link for your convenience:
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Thanks... tried your solution, no joy...  Still have behavior.  Tried a full uninstall of iTunes again as well, no dice.  
The problem may be the default drivers loaded by Vista. This may allow the phone to be recognized by the OS, but can in fact only be usable as a camera to import/export pictures. Try fixing this by going to Device Manager, right clicking on Apple iPhone under Portable Devices and selecting the Update Driver Software. The appropriate drivers are stored under C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple.

You may have to manually specify the location, to force the integration of the drive. To do this remove the current, from within device manager then add the above. Otherwise Vista may simply look for the replacement driver automatically leaving right back where you started. Let me know if this does not work, and we can try something else. We'll get it fixed.
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The article that this user used to fix his I phone explains the same steps and ideas for fixing the problem that I listed for user. In this case can I still receive the points originally awarded to the question? Thanks.  
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The real solution here was the deletion of the APL_USB files...  That made the difference moparracing94 suggestion i had done per the link I posted in my original question.