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Archiving in outlook

I am currently working on an archive project because of capacity issues on our exchange server where I have to create .pst files to store all e-mail 3 months or older in. The files which are housed on 200 or so users PC's in their c:/pstfiles directory I created.

One user brought up the issue of connecting remotely to our exchange server from his laptop at home. He doesn't use any type of remote desktop software to connect into his PC at work but just connects into the network. He has outlook on his PC. If the user needs to see a certain e-mail sent or received 3 months+ how can he without checking his outlook at work.

Just thinking now -- Can we map the archive folder to his laptop outlook application without punching holes in the firewall?
Will he have to remote desktop from his laptop at home into his pc at work and use it that way?

Also if it helps I have a file on the desktop called archive e-mail backup.bat which is a script to send the .pst file located on his hard drive at work to the storage server.
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