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Problem installing driver for bluetooth dongle

Hello all. I am trying to connect my mobile phone to my computer by blue tooth rather than a data cable.
I purhased a Bluetooth Usb dongle and cd from a company called Energy Sistem. This loads and runs and gives me two options. The first is to install the driver, the second is to install a programme called CA Magic mobile.
The programme I can install, the driver I cant.I believe that this is the Toshiba Blue tooth Stack. When I try to install it the install wiz\ard starts the almost instantly I get the wizard screen that says at the top "Blue tooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba- Install wizard". It then says "Install wizard completed" . Followed by "The wizard was interupted before Blue tooth Stack for Winows-by Toshiba, could be completely installed. Your ststem has not been modified. To install this program at a later date, please run the installation again"

If I open the file and click directly on the set up folder, exactly the same thing happens. Untill I get this installed, the other program is useless and is dosent recognise the dongle. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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What is your Toshiba model? It might be have BT built-in? You might try unstall the Toshiba BT stack (in device manager or Add & Remove program in Control Panel) first.
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Hi Punky, its not actually a Toshiba phone, its a samsung, but the dongle came with the software. Its not been installed so there is nothing to delete in Add and Remove programes. Likewise its not in device manager
Oh, I am talking about your computer where you plug the BT dongle in. What PC make/model? The Samsung phone should have the BT built-in, and are you trying to install BT dongle on computer?
Sorry if i didnt make it clear. The pc is an e machine and i need to install the software on to the computer so that then the computer will recognise the usb BT dongle. The phone is allready BT enabled so I should then be able to recognise the dongle on the phone and move photos etc from the computer to the phone and vice versa
It takes me a while to search your device:

If you use eMachine PC, and I wonder why there is Toshiba bluetooth stack appears during installation. It should happen only on Toshiba PC which has BT built-in. You might have Toshiba software installed in system. However, try couple ways below:

- Unplug BT and start install driver only, and then if you can finish installing drivers, then plug BT in system, see if system detects it and search for driver automatically?

- Plug BT in system see if windows auto-detect new device? If so, dont use option install automatically, select manual install and navigate to CD driver and install from there.
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