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DFS Management not replicating all files


I recently setup DFS Management using the Replication Group Wizard.  I selected "Replication Group for Data Collection".  I then selected some random files on our Chicago site server to be replicated to our Atlanta site server.  But when I check the properties on some of the files on the Chicago server for example it will say 312 Files and 21 Folders then when I do the same thing on the replicated folder it will say 286 Files and 21 Folders.  

I am wondering why it is not replicating all the files.  I have been monitoring it for several days to make sure it wasn't just the fact that it hadn't finished replicating.  I also checked all three check boxes when adding the DFS Management to the Chicago server.  (not sure if that matters)

Note:  Some of the folders replicated perfectly and are an exact match of the original.

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