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Toggle all on MANY divs

Ok, so i have browsed you site for an answer to my question and although this one comes close (https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/23485838/Toggle-multiple-DIV-items-from-one-link-but-not-ALL-divs.html), it still is not quite what I need.  I am building a song list for my friend with over 600 songs in it broken down into seasons and episodes(its for a TV series reference).  Anyway there is no DB or anything so it is hand-coded in HTML.  There are 8 seasons and approx. 24 episodes per season (approx 200 arguments).  I already have functionality for expanding the seasons to view the episodes and the episodes to view the songs for that episode, however I now find myself needing a convenient way to expand/collapse all the seasons and all the episodes without passing in each ID,  just class name.  As the list will grow with each passing season, I cannot hardcode it either.  Any suggestions?
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