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Unable to send SMTP email using online apps

I am setting up a PHP/MySQL CMS app for a client as a result of a site transfer and server upgrade. The app is Expression Engine running on IIS7/Server 2008.

It previously worked on IIS6/Server 2003 with no problems whatsoever.

The new server is running the latest PHP with FastCGI Module and the latest non thread safe MySQL.

Everything is running smoothly except for sending emails through the admin panel of the app. This has been set up, using the internal app config, to send SMTP authorised emails using the servers own locally installed mail server. This therefore negates the use of either sendmail or php mail() and makes the server slightly more secure. It is of course a given that the mail server is not set as an open relay for the same reasons.

However when attempting to send an email or any POST form data the page immediately spews out a 500 error page, on examining the server logs I discovered the following:

PHP Notice:  fwrite() [<a href=function.fwrite>function.fwrite</a>]: send of 12 bytes failed with errno=10054 An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
in C:\XXXX\XXXXXXX\XXXX\XXXXX\core\core.email.php on line 1455

So something is shutting down the connect, but I am unsure what and how to solve the issue.

SMTP is running normally and well, apart from this, on port 25. All the app set up is correctly configured to this fact and all of the SMTP usernames and passwords that are put in the relevant sections are also correct and working email addresses. Port 25 is open on the firewall and tested on standalone pages sendmail and php mail() all work fine.

So, does anyone have any experience of 10054 errors. I get the impression that is a sock error but that is  not my world and so could do with some hints and pointers.

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