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Syncing mailbox between two different Exchange servers in different companies

My client has two organisations (hospitals), OrgA and OrgB, that are perpetually merging or seperating depending on the current political climate.

Each Org has their own Exchange 2007 servers and related infrastructure.  There are external domain trusts in place between the two Orgs.

One Org has a user who has a mailbox on the server at OrgB (User@OrgA).  He has two PAs, one at OrgA and one at OrgB.  He wants both PAs to have access to manage his calendar on the server at OrgB.  Each PA has their own mailbox on the Exchange server at their site.

The obvious solution is to have all the mailboxes on the same Exchange server, or have the PA at OrgA manage the calendar of the user at OrgB via webmail but for political reasons these may not be possible.

Is anyone aware of a way (e.g. 3rd party app) to sync the content of the User@OrgB's calendar to either a mailbox at OrgA, or a sub-calendar of the PA at OrgA?  The sync would need to be independent of Outlook (not require Outlook to be running).

(Note that the SOE at both sites includes Outlook 2003 but not Outlook 2007).


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