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Fried MOBO putting DIMMs backwards

Yes, people do put DIMMs in backwards but, no, I am not an idiot.

Synopsis: There are two DIMM slots on the MOBO. There were two DIMMs already in it and I was replacing one of them.  I bought another DIMM of the same type and put it in backwards.  How? One side is slightly in the slot and CLAMPED in! The other side also clamped in somehow too.  This needs to be redesigned.  Anyways, as soon as I pressed the power button, I heard a pop and nothing came up on the screen.  No boot, no POST.  So I freaked out and upon looking closer noticed that it was backwards.  I put it right and, of course, no go.  I took it out and put in the original one.  No go.  Crap, obviously fried the board. So.....

Question: Even though I am going to replace the MOBO, is it safe to try to use the DIMMs that had been in there when it shorted.  I realize the DIMMs may or may not work but I want to try anyways.  But could it be damaging to the replacement MOBO?  I was thinking, if I shorted the DIMMs, is it possible to short the new MOBO by putting them in?

Please don't make fun of me, I am NOT a noob.  That is the pathetic thing.



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