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activity on port 25 causes machine to reboot

i have a strange problem with a windows server 2003 machine. it seems to crash on any activity on port 25. this box is set up such that users remote to it using terminal services, and users log into it and use office programs and outlook. it also has some cms software installed on it which will cause the system to reboot whenever you use it to send an email out.

this computer is not running exchange server or an email server as far as they can tell. the machine is set to use their isp's smtp server.

so i tried to telnet port 25 to the mail server they use and it caused the machine to reboot. then when i terminal service back in i try to telnet to port 25 on localhost and it rebooted. then i tried to ftp to a server on 25 and it also rebooted.

this just started happening the other day and i am told nothing was changed on the system.

on reboot, i get the following message about a stop error.

0x0000008e (0xc0000005, 0x80a933db, 0xf5c8cb1c, 0x00000000

any suggestions?
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i am running windows server 2003 R2 service pack 2.
2.4ghz P4, 1gb ram, plenty of free disk.
Very odd indeed, and seeminlgy affecting any traffic on port 25.  If you are running any third party security software i would recommend diabling it for testing purposes (maying sure your not a public ip without a firewall of course).

If the problem is still persisting trying reseting tcpip with netsh, drop to a command prompt and run the following:

netsh int ip reset c:\netshlog.txt

hope it helps
try to disable all firewalls , thirdparty security apps
disconnect it from the network
and then on the command prompt
do the telnet localhost 25 ... see if machine reboots.
if it does try to disable all antivirus, firewall etc etc .. .then try again.
until you find the conflicting app, also check when you reboot that with the stop message is there any application or exe name metnioned there.
also try to reset the tcp/ip stack
netsh int ip reset a.txt
netsh winsock2 reset

after this reboot the machine and check if the problem persists.
if you have any crash dumps post those here as well..
also try to disable SMTP service from IIS. just as a workaround.
the computer had a virus, which i removed but still reboots even if telnetting to port 25 of localhost. i think the box would need to be flattened.

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