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Unable to sync media from Treo 700p to PC with Palm Desktop 6.2.2 (HotSync)

Hey, all.

I have a Palm Treo 700p with a 2GB SD memory card. I have a PC with Palm Desktop v6.2.2 installed.

At one time, I was able to sync the media from the phone and memory card to the PC with HotSync.

Now, when it gets to the Media Sync step, the PC shows that it's synchronizing media, but it sits there forever. (I've left it for two hours.) The phone HotSync eventually times out. The PC never does. I click the "Cancel" button on the sync process on the PC and it never ends. (Again, I left it for an hour.) I have to use Task Manager to kill the process.

The only way to get a completed sync process to work is to disable the media sync step. This, of course, means that my pictures and videos are not backed up.

There's obviously a video and/or picture that's causing a problem and the HotSync software is too lame to handle it properly. What is *really* lame is that the logging never shows any useful details: you have no idea what file is causing the hang.

The log on the phone just shows that it lost the connection.

As previously mentioned, the sync used to work. Any ideas on how to handle this?

I was wondering if I could just copy the media to where ever it should be on the PC (for the Palm Desktop software) and then delete all the media from the SD card, and then re-sync using the option to go from desktop to phone (one time).

Any thoughts on this??


-- Rob --

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