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Can't ping one of my clients.

I have created a new domain with a win 2003 server DC acting as DNS, DHCP, and Print Server(which I am still working on the implementation of) Well one of my cleints is not pingable. I have him added in the AD and an A record in the DNS console, but in my network neighborhood on my server, that client does not have a plus by it for expansion. I am not able to get into that client either.
What steps can I take to check and see why this client isn;t on the same page as everyone else.
All of the clients ARE able to access the shared data files which are still located on one of the clients. Can that client remain a data share sever and still be client in the domain? The non-pingable client is not the data server though but it CAN access that shared data so it is networking somehow in some sense.

Ok any thoughts?
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Check that the client's computer is a member of the domain.  In the MyComputer properties check the computer name and what domain or workgroup it belongs to.
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That computer is showing to be in the domain. All the clients show to be in the domain but this one client cannot ping itself.
if the client cannot ping itself, then there's a problem with the TCP/IP protocol. Try removing the TCP/IP stack on the client and install it again.
Is it windows xp with SP2 clients?. Then check Firewall service is configured properly or not. If you find the difficulties in configuring Firewall then stop the service in cient machine and check.

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ok how do I  remove the TCP/IP pack from the client?

Where is this ICMP that I need to enable? The firewall is not I still need to enable the ICMP?

If your box truly has the firewall disabled, this shouldn't make a difference:

How to enable ICMP:
The firewall is off enabling the echo request doesnt matter.

Any other ideas?

See if you have the component needed to ping:

Start>>Settings>>Control Pannel>>Add/remove programs>>Windows components tab>>Networking Services>>Simple TCP/IP service

Is Simple TCP/IP service installed?

 If so, regardless of not having your firewall on, enable ICMP. I am not 100% certain disabling the Firewall makes a difference on this setting. Only 99.9999%.
I will award to you since the norton firewall was stopping the ping on one of the clients that couldnt be pinged.