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"Reboot and select proper boot device"... Asus P5E3 Premium not recognizing SATA

Asus P5E3 Premium Wi-Fi
(2) 300GB VelociRaptors in RAID0
Intel Q9450
1TB Western Dig Caviar
LG SATA Blu-Ray DVD-R Drive

So after building my new PC and installing Vista 64, I decided to go ahead and install Norton 360. Everything seemed to be going fine, but I came back to my PC and it was frozen. I shut it down, and upon startup I got the infamous: "Reboot and select a proper boot device" message. After some investigation, I noticed that the board was not recognizing any SATA devices. I called Asus and they talked me through resetting my CMOS...after that, the Asus recognized the VelociRaptor hard drives (but not in RAID0) and not the 1TB WD hard drive.

I flashed the newest BIOS, which is where I am now. The mobo recognizes the VR's in RAID0 now but still will not boot up (get the "reboot and select..." message). I checked all of the connections and they are A-ok. Oh, and the 1TB drive is still not being recognized but the SATA Blu Ray drive is now.

As a side note, I changed some of the startup programs with the command msconfig earlier today, and I also deleted a .dll file (msdia80.dll I think?) from my 1TB dive last night...I don't know if any of that is significant, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

Thanks in advance!
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i would test first with only the raid setup, or the single drive setup if everything seems fine.
you may have a bad mobo too
also, uninstalling norton can help too - it has ruined many setups...
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Thanks nobus...I actually think I might have figured it out! I ended up reinstalling Vista on the RAID drives and totally disregarded the 1TB drive. Turns out the 1TB drive is PROBABLY dead...I'm going to run some WD apps in a bit to verify that though. I think what happened was that when I was installing Vista, somehow the 1TB drive was designated as the boot drive even though all of the system files were originally installed on the RAID drives (I'm only guessing that because the msdia80.dll file was located there, and it is generally located in the boot drive). I'm guessing that when the 1TB drive went bad (if it is, in fact, bad), the entire system got thrown for a loop. Also, I've been reading up and apparently the 1TB WD Caviars are notorious for dying fast. Looks like I'll be phoning Western Digital tomorrow!

I'm just glad it wasn't the mobo or either of the Raptors... :)
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test the drive with :  http://support.wdc.com/download/#diagutils      
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