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Exchange, two domains, SMTP Connectors for outbound email not working for new, second domain

We have had domain a.com working, sending our outbound email thru our spam filter provider. We just added a new domain b.com to our exchange server. We cannot get it to send email our from b.com.  a.com can email b.com and vice versa. Externally, anyone can email a.com and b.com. It's just that outbound connections from b.com do not work.

We use an SMTP connector to do the outbound email for a.com. We select the Forward all mail thru this connector to the following smart hosts. We have our local bridgehead showing. Under address space we have *.  We haven't done anything for b.com related to smtp connector, because it should probably just work using a.com's connector, since there is nothing a.com specific in it. However, no joy.

Any help?

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