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mipsel-uclibc-gcc compiles SQLite3

Hi, experts:
My OS is Red Hat Linux. I compile SQLite3 source code with mipsel-uclibc-gcc compiler. I follow the README:
    tar xzf sqlite.tar.gz    ;#  Unpack the source tree into "sqlite"
    mkdir bld                ;#  Build will occur in a sibling directory
    cd bld                   ;#  Change to the build directory
    ../sqlite/configure      ;#  Run the configure script
    make                     ;#  Run the makefile.
    make install             ;#  (Optional) Install the build products
After execute [../sqlite/configure], I modify the Makefile (replace gcc with mipsel-uclibc-gcc)
   BCC = mipsel-uclibc-gcc -g -O2
   TCC = mipsel-uclibc-gcc  -g -O2 -DOS_UNIX=1 -I. -I${TOP}/src
   TCL = 0
And I execute [make], I get the following error message:
mipsel-uclibc-gcc -g -O2 -o mkkeywordhash  ../tool/mkkeywordhash.c
./mkkeywordhash >keywordhash.h
/bin/sh: line 1: ./mkkeywordhash: cannot execute binary file
make: *** [keywordhash.h] Error 126
What should I do?
Thank you.
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