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Postfix whitelist based on sender AND recipient addresses

Hi all,

I have stumbled upon a requirement to postfix whitelist all emails that

originates from: abby@*


is sent to ""

Any idea how to implement this ?
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David Beveridge
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Whiltelisting has no benefit unless there is something causing some addresses to be rejected.

Why do you want to perform whitelisting?
If its because some emails are falsely being classed as spam then do the whitelisting in the spam filter.
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I wish it was the spam filter that blocks the emails... In this particular problem, they are blocked by postfix smtp recipient restrictions.
Do you need more assistance with this?

You could just block by the sender or the recipient!
or do you REALLY need to do it on both?
Thanks for the replies. I don't need anymore assistance with this since it's impossible to do with whatever Postfix has out of the box.

I can't afford to lose a single email so baking a homemade policy server is a risk I'm unwilling to take. Greylisting won't work in my particular situation because more than half of the sending nodes never retry (it sucks I know)

To answer your last question, I need the emails be filtered based on both criteria.