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How can I create a static route between one lan segment and another?

I need to create a route across the LAN between two Linksys Routers.  An RV016 (LAN1) and an RV082 (LAN2).  
The LAN Segments are:
1. and;
Segment1 is the Gateway to the Internet thru WANI port.  THe DMZ port is used for a webserver on the same LAN.
Segment2 also uses a DMZ port on it's own internet connection for another webserver on this LAN.

Presently, the Segment2 WAN Port is connected to Segment1 (LAN Port) and Segment2 pulls the static assigned WAN Side IP address of from LAN Segment1.  My static route on Segment2 works fine and I can get out to the internet via LAN Segment1 (on the RV016)

Problem is, I cannot ping any device on LAN Segment2 from LAN Segment1.
I tried using:
Destination IP:
Subnet Mask:
Hop Count: 1
Interface: LAN
The above doesn't work.... No devices on Segment 2 can be pinged.

The other side: (Segment 2)
Destination ip:
Subnet Mask:
Interface: WAN
Hop Count: 1
The above does work and creates the route to Segment1 and out to the Internet.

Any help would be appreciated
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Ruscal, thank you for your help with this.  I did have to reconfigure the network as (per your comments) the RV servies could not handle what I needed them to do but your assistance certainly prevented me from continuing on a fruitless path and also helped me better understand static routing.

I could not disable the firewall by the way on the one gateway router nor use it only as a router as that unit had to function independently as a gateway router.

Thx again!