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MSN Live Messanger sending a link to everyone on my buddy list ??

Hi Experts,

My hotmail live messenger is sending a link to my buddy list and it's reoccurring for my friends in the buddy list too.

How can identify this attack and how to remove ?

Thanks !
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Without getting it from you I cant say what it is exactaly, but I'd reccomend a good AV program starting (well, should have been days ago).  You can always use Clam, AVG, or Avast for free from an internet download at their respective home pages.
For my money, if you're going to buy an AV solution, its Sophos  They've been more than good to me and never let me down when I needed them, both at home and at work.
If you're AV program can identify it and the file names, but can't clean it you should ask someone to help you get Avenger and write and Avenger script to clean it up for you.  But using Avenger requires that a) you are sure of what you are doing & b) you know what specific files need killing
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