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Western Digital NAS Sleep Mode

Hi Experts,

I have a Western Digital NAS device plugged into our LAN via cat5 straight into a switch. I have not installed the included software (Mionet) as it doesnt contain anything useful.

The device has been setup via logging directly onto the device via IE. Where it allows you to setup shares and permissions, date/time, network config and Admin password details. All the usual basic stuff you would expect.

The problem we are haiving is that it seems to go into a "sleep mode" after around 30mins and the only way to get it back up again is to effectively reboot it via hard reboot. In the setup there are no power saving features to configure at all. the firmware has been updated to the latest version available, 02.00.18, done directly from within the config panel.

Is there anything we can do to stop this "sleep mode" or reconfigure it to allow for better management?

I have a ttached a screen of the main config menu. Note that under the "Drive Management" tab there are no power options at all, only an option to "Safely remove hardware" for when its plugged in via its USB interface i assume.

Drive Details:

MyBook World Edition
750GB Model (comes in white)
Model number: WD7500G032
Product Page: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.asp?driveid=319

Thanks for your expertise.


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