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Cursor jumps to upper left position or start position every now and then?

Hi Folks,

My cursor acts strange. Quite often it jumps back to the start position of whichever field its in. Then it remains there blinking and after a minute or so I get the control back.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,


Ps if you need more info please ask
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Oh I forgot something. When the cursor runs and stays at most left position I cannot scroll either, the scroll bar seems glued them, I can move it downwards but it jumps back immediately.

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Can you tell us what hardware you have ? Laptop, touchpad, mouse, Windows, MacOS, drivers...
Oh ofcourse, Desktop Windows Xp SP2, Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse. Newest driver installed.

your "Snap-To" might be checked. Try this:

Go To:

Start ==>Control Panel ==>Printers & Other Hardware==>Mouse==>Pointer Options Tab==>Snap To:

Un-check the box "Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box" - Hit OK

That should fix it

Good luck,

AnthonyRusso: it must be something else, I never use that feature, but ofcourse I checked to see whether it was turned on but it wasn't.

When I put my cursor in FireFox searchbox, it blinks and shows each visited address after another at full throttle hehe.
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Thanks Krazinho, that will do ;-)