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Installing & Creating LUNs for VMWare

Hi. I'm installing VMWare on a single server that has two QLogic HBAs attached to a HP MSA 1000 SAN. This is the only server that will be connected to the SAN.

I've created a LUN to store my VMs on, and it has formatted in VMFS OK (as far as I can tell). However, I want to create more LUNs for storage for my VMs. My question is, how do I create more LUNs and only allow the relevant VMs to access them? If I allocate each LUN to a specific WWN of a HBA, then because each VM is really using the same two QLogic HBAs, will they all see it? Or is there another way?

Also, I wanted to store ISO images of Win 2000 and 2003 server, for additional builds in the VMIMAGES partition. When I install VMWare in GUI mode there doesn't appear to be a VMIMAGES partition, however when it's installed and I do a vdf command (I think that was the command anyway) I can see a VMIMAGES partition. And the partition already has sonme ISO images in there (some Linux and Windows ISOs from what I can tell). Is this correct? Thanks.

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