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How to Copy a USB Flash Drive?

Hi, we have touchscreen pc's fitted on our forklift trucks.  I've recently swapped out the HDD's for SSD's in an attempt to stop the problems that occur when the trucks run over bumpy ground and the HDD corrupts.  The SSD's are just 4gb CF cards in a caddy.  Once I've configured each SSD I want to create an image of it so that if it corrupts or is stolen I can quickly restore that particular SSD to another CF card.  I've attached the CF card to my laptop via a USB card reader.  I've tried a straight copy of the CF card to a blank card but it won't copy the 'System Volume Information' folder (didn't expect it to work tbh). I've tried taking an image of the CF card using Acronis True Image, but Acronis doesn't recognise a USB drive as an imagable source.  I've tried backing up the card using Acronis and then restoring to a blank, but the resulting image is not bootable.  Do I have to make the resulting restored card bootable in some way?

Has anyone successfully and reliably done anything like this?

I'm just trying a free utility I've found called 'USB Image Tool' but so far its been running for 45mins and isn't even at 75% of the backup yet so I'm not hopeful its going to work.

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