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Error connecting to MySQL database so unable to login to EzPublish website


I am having problems logging into our website. We are using EzPublish which a CMS (http://ez.no). I haven't needed to access the control panel for some time and last time it worked fine but I tried to login this morning and on the login page it gave the following error:


    * No database connection could be made, the system might not behave properly.

This looks like it can't connect to the MySQL database, so I opened the MySQL GUI Admin tool and connected to localhost with the root user (the same thing happens if I login with a different user) and received the following error message:

"either the server service or the configuration file could not be found. Startup variables and server section are therefore disabled"

I am confused about what the cause might be. I have had a look on google for both errors and came up with nothing that has fixed the problem. With regard to the EzPublish error, there seem to be a lot of question but few answers and with MySQL I found a few things such as the Admin tool looking for the wrong program but everything in the configuration appears to be correct.

Please help?

Thank you

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Cedric Obinna A.

Have you checked with your host to know if their mysql server has a fault? That is if you are not your own host. It seems from the error that the mysql server is not up (or running).

Hi Cedlinx,

Thanks for replying.

The website is hosted on our own server and I can confirm that the MySQL server is running. The service is up and I can connect to the database and amend & query data. It just isn't allowing the website to connect  (or it appears that way).

I can actually connect to the database but it appears to be disabling some functionality. I was curious as to whether the second error was causing the first error and preventing me from authenticating using the credentials stored in the DB? If so then fixing the second error should also fix the first.


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