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Tomcat hot deployment with mem_cache module loaded

Hello every one..

I have a problem with hot deployment.. I am using the unix box .

When i change any file either static or dynamic file i am not able to see the change occurring  but when i clear my working directory i am able to see the changes made ..

Is this because of cache ?

If so is there any solution to come out of this problem.

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1) First, make sure, that 'reloadable' attribute is set in 'Context' tag in the configuration of your Tomcat server. It may be found inside Host tag.

2) To make sure that this is not cache-related issue you may bypass cache in the browser. In firefox it is done by holding Shift and clicking reload icon, for example.

3) What do you mean by 'clear my working directory'? Are you using ant for this? If this is the case, you may have something special in your build.xml what does trigger Tomcat refresh.
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Here by working directory i mean tomcat working directory ...

i have set reloadable attribute to true ..

Here i am trying to implement server side cache by using the module mod_mem_cache  

Does the problem still persist if you remove mod_mem_cache?
Also, you can try disk_cache instead of mem_cache.
the problem does not exit if i remove  mod_mem_cache ...

This looks like the problem with tomcat rather than that of mem_cache.....
Could you please enlighten me how the tomcat is enabled for hot deployment.
for unix operating system

thanks in advace
Well, hot-deployment in tomcat is on, by default. You just copy your war file to webapps directory of tomcat and it does automatically unpack and start it few seconds later. Or, if you have deployed unzipped application, you can replace file directly in the tomcat directory and it does automatically detect that. This behavior can be turned off in the configuration, but you would have to do it manually.
yes hot deployment is on ... but still i am not able to see the change which i make to be reflected.....and i don,t want this to be turned off.

Well by adding the parameter


Will i be able to solve the problem ... right now i am testing it not sure with the parmeter

Can you give more details what exactly are you doing? Which files are you modifying, as well as your directory structure, this kind of stuff.
the webapplication is present the webapps folder and i am testing the unzip files.
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I am modifying .jsp/html/css files not the class file...     I am testing through backend... unix machine using the wget command ... the change which i am making is increasing the file size and i see the file size is not increased...

So there is no change because of hot deployment
Any help please