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GPO Software Deployment Problems After Installation.

i am working with Installation deployment through a GPO. My question is this.

I have the software installed. I want to uninstall to test the installation again on the same computer. How can I do this?

Here is what I have done so far but I don't feel it is working:

1) Using a test program.( I have a pocket programmer)
2) Install through GPO
3) Install goes fine.
4) Uninstall through Add/Remove Programs
5) Reboot.

Here is where the problem arrives. The program does not install again through the GPO.

I go through the c:\windows\systems32\appmgmt\ folder and remove all instances of the installation.

I reboot and sometimes it will reinstall sometimes it will not.

what I want to do is install and uninstall for further testing before I move on to production programs. anyone have any idea how I can install and uninstall continuously for testing. I dont want to have to use more than one test machine while testing.

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