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PC with TONS of Vyruses detected

Hi, i had a similar problem, with Vanti Vyrus in other computer (but not as heavy as on this other computer where MCafee detected tons of vyruses...)  Here is the link for my previous Question on Vanti Vyrus, which I think resolved my issue.  So for this problem i decided to do the same procedure, but i wanted to see if someone here can help me to take a look at all my Log Files and tell me if this procedure has fixed this computer, or if the PC is still infected, and what else can I do.

link of previous question with another PC :
I followed RPGGAMERGIRL advice on Combofix....

Thanks for your time in advance, here are all My log files and this is what i Already did:
-1, I Turned OFF System Restore,
-2, I Full Scan with Mcafee AV
-3, i Used CCLEANER to clean temp files and others(no registry)
-4, i Erased manually the TEMP Folder files on Local Settings
-5, I turned OFF Mcafee ANTIVYRUS (How do i tuen it off completely so it does not restart again when computer restarts? until I want to turn it on again?
-6, I Runned HIJACKTHIS (the 3rd attached file is the first scan)
-7, I Runned COMBOFIX (saved the log file also)
-8, After Combofix restarted my PC, a small bluescreen appeared saying Combofix was creating a Log, and in that time, Mcafee AV On access Scan restarted itself and detected COMBOFIX as a Vyrus and deleted a file (You can see in the Printscreen that i am attaching) (Could My AV deleting that file could cause some damage or problem? will combofix work again without that file?
-9, I Runned HIJACK THIS again (another log file)

Thats it, if you see something strange,please tell me what to do.


PC - Windows XP Home
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Here is a step by step guide to clean you UP
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Ok, thanks a lot RPQGAMERGIRL, i have done eveything you told me. Now what i have left is to do a KAPERSKY online scan so to check if there is antything left. After that at the end of the day  (since i am not with that computer now) i will post the resutls, and a fresh combofix log.
Thanks Again RPQGAMERGIRL, the issue has been solved!

Now I got something else, but i am going to start a new question in case you want to take a look at it. Is about the last step, i tried to run KAPERSKY online antivirus, but i couldnt... I am going to put the link on the question page.

thanks again
Ok, the issue has been solved according to what RPQGAMERGIRL suggested, but i got now some more issues with other viruses, and perhaps the Vanti and Kavo reapered, so I will start a new question.  in this link:

Thanks a lot for your help.
No problem, glad to assist.

I've posted in your other question, moh10ly had suggested another scanner, we'll see what the logs will show.

Thank you.