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When opening an email I get a red x instead of the image...

I have a user here who can't view the pictures that are in an email.  It shows up as a red x.   I have followed several steps such as, deleting temporary internet files, cookies... I am trying not to do a detect and repair if I don't have to.  If I have to I will though... Any ideas?
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Rajith Enchiparambil
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Is his Outlook message settings to view the email in HTML mode?
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Where would I set this?  If it is under Tools-Options-Mail Format  then it should be ok...

Is it for only few emailsw he receives or for all? If it is for a mail or two, it also depends on the sender's settings as well.
Well... I received the same email from the sender and I am able to view them just fine also..  It seems to be only for this email though.. haven't noticed any others.. What would be the easiest way to test?  Copy and paste image or something?
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Hi War1,

I tried all of these previously... However, I just now opened Outlook in Safe mode and the image appeared in the email... So it only shows in Outlook.. I am guessing it has something to do with an add-in, but not sure what to do...
There is nothing in the disabled items also..
Deleting contents of Outlooks secure temp file was the fix.  Thanks