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Citrix 4.5 Freezing at random times

I have a presentation Server 4.5 farm.  Each day, we are seeing random system freezes where everyone on a particular server freezes up.  It is happening on only one server at a time per day.  We publish desktops.  The three servers are identical.  It seems to happen on a different server each day.  That leads me to believe it is a user profile issue.  We use roaming profiles.  

On a seperate computer, I am using performance monitor to monitor each Citrix server.  I have attached a screen shot of performance monitor.  You will see in the top graph a flat line when the system locks up.  So far I have:

Disabled realtime protection
I have been rebooting each night
Ran defrag a few times - disks look good
Installed all the latest citrix updates
Installed all the latest Microsoft updates

Does anyone have any ideas???
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Install Spotlight on Windows and see if you can get a little more information on what's going on when the server freezes. It may be waiting on disk or something else.
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When you see the "flatline", can you check the processes tab to see if there is a single process that's "stuck" at 30% (30% is what I saw in the screensot).
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I will try to catch it when it is happening...  Good idea.  I am also researching this post.  Has anyone ever heard of this?

1. What hard drives and array controller are you using?
2. What RAID level are you using?
2. Does your RAID controller have BBWC (Battery Backup Write Cache)?
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We had the same issue
Windows 2003 x64 SP2 all patched
Citrix XenApp 4.5 with HRP 2
Our Citrix servers freezes random. citrix Support and Microsoft support doesn't have a solution.
Finally we installed HRP 3 on all our servers two weeks ago.

Problem solved, never an freezing server in our enviroment