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Developing multiple DB entries in a checkbox situation

I'm about to start a project, and I'm trying to get my head around the best way to structure the web front end.  The specs are to have a SQL database that have reasons a widget might be late during production.  The catch is that the user needs to be able to check as many as apply.  I want to structure the database such that each reason is it's own entry.  So, if for widget 1, user checks reasons A, C, and D, I want three inserts to happen in the database (1 - A, 1 - C, 1 - D.)

I'm very confident on the SQL backend.  For the front end I'm using Dreamweaver to create asp .NET VB pages.  I could do this easily using the insert record function, if it were a single insert, but the multiple ones are giving me writer's block.  Any inspiration?

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Yeah, this is pretty much the solution I went with.  I didn't use XML, but stored procedures were the heart of it.