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NTFS file copy - retain ACL

What is an economical solution to transfer NTFS folders from one share to another on separate machines or appliances and retain the ACL for each folder?  I have looked into Secure Copy ($$$$), and RoboCopy but I was somewhat unfamiliar with all the switches.  The last time I migrated I used the weekend full backup from   Symantec Backup Exec 10dd to restore  the tree to the new share.  That worked except it was an appliance and had limitations on the name of the top level folder so hard coded apps may break.  Example: If the folder is hosted on a windows machine and the share is named R, then the Symantec restore would just use the newly created R share on the appliance  to drop the full backup of R into it when preserving the tree.  So now my share was \\r\r\----  on the device.  I could not find a way to keep Symantec from listing R as the top folder.  The requirements are affordable, retain security on the folders, and write directly into a folder on a device.   Mappings and a dos command with switches would be best.
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