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Convert phrase to kph from mph

I want a function to convert miles per hour to kilometers per hour within a phrase.

KPH may be found by dividing MPH by 0.621.

100 mph = 161 kph.

The challenge is finding the values within my text.

echo mi2km("Wind: South at 100 mph");  
      /// Wind: South at 161 kph

echo mi2km("Wind: N at 33 mph");
      /// Wind: N at 53 mph
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The best way is probably to use regex to locate the number. I can't think of the regex that would do this off the top of my head, but you can use php's array functions for a simular result.

The bonus of the following say is that as long as the string ends with *** mph it will always work, no matter what is in front of it.
function mi2km($distance) {
  $distance_array = explode(" ",$distance);
  $distance_array = array_reverse($distance_array);
  $distance_array[1] = $distance_array[1] * 1.61;
  return impode(" ", array_reverse($distance_array));

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here is my version
function mi2km($mystring) {
preg_match('/([^ ]*) (?=mph)/i', $mystring, $matches);
return  preg_replace('/([^ ]*) mph/i', $kph . " kph", $mystring);
echo mi2km("Wind: N at 33 mph"); 
echo mi2km("Wind: South at 100 mph");

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Could have been so much easier:

preg_replace('/(\d+) mph/ie', "round((int)\\1/0.621) . ' kph'", $str);

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