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How to set routes on remote IPCop to access all subnets at host site

I'm using a Linux IPCop to connect several smaller offices to the corporate HQ.  These offices are too small to justify a dedicated T1.  Here's the network layout:

Host Site Networks:,,,,,,,,,, etc...

Remote A Network:
Remote B Network:
Remote C Network:
and so on...

I need to be able to set routes on the Remote IPCops to access the networks at the host site.  By default the remotes can access the network via ipsec vpn at the host site.  However, I'm having problems adding a route to the remote IPCops that will be able to access to the other host networks.  I have already setup routes in the host IPCop to be able to access all networks at that location and have verified with pings and trace routes.  I'm having problems with the Linux "route add -net" and sending the route over the VPN.

All suggests are welcome!

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