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Moving server-based profiles to new cluster node

The client has two servers, APPS and TERMSRV, that are set up to use dfs to replicate profile information for all users. Because of ongoing replication issues, they now want to move the profiles to a new mirrored disk pair on the cluster.

Given the replication has been such an issue, what would you recommend as a method for moving the profiles to the cluster's new drives?

Also of note: They're a 24x7 operation, and someone will always be logged in at all hours of the day and night.


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What kind of replication-problems do you have? Filled staging area that neads to be enlarged? DNS-issues?

I have moved DFS-links earlier with the following steps:
Configure the DFS for replication, but disable the referral for the new DFS-target until the replication seams to be complete.
Swap the active referral and wait until you know that you don't have any active sessions on the old server share.
Remove the replication/old DFS-link and wait enough time to ensure that replication has been disabled/removed before deleting files on old share. Have been to hurry before ending up with empty folders on new server...
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We ended up calling Microsoft for the replication issues - apparently APPS decided its frs didn't want to play nice with others.

Henjoh09, could you give a walk-through of configuring dfs for replication but disabling referrals?
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Here's what I ran into:
 * You can't set up dfs replication directly to a cluster's shared resources - dfs detects it as a non-windows 2003 operating system and will not create the link. I had to create a replication point on APPS directly and we'll move the profile and home folder locations on the users in AD after the 100GB+ data has replicated successfully.

Thanks for the answers!