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Blank Attachments in e-mail from MS Office Apps

Just recently, we began experiencing problems when sending e-mails from our Access databases using DoCmd.SendObject and editmessage = false. These e-mails, if they have attachments are being sent to the recipient with the attachment being blank. After doing some testing, it was found if we switch editmessage = true and the message pops up and the user clicks Send, the attachment displays fine.
That was an acceptable workaround for the moment for our Access programs. However, now we have an Excel spreadsheet that within the macro uses ActiveWorkbook.SendMail. The only options for this function is Recipients, Subject and Return Receipt. There is no way to allow the user to have the e-mail appear to send it manually. This applications sends out 100+ e-mails and attaches various spreadsheets to the e-mails depending on the receiving department.
The question is what has caused this issue? We believe it may have had something to do with a recent windows update.
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