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getting individual values from array

I have information in an array. It traces out. However, how do I call just one at a time? I have file locations to call photos for my loader. I want them to load individually not as a whole list. How do I split them up? Also, how do I get the number of items I have in my array? I have tried "length" but that only gave me the total characters..not the number of items.

I'm using AS3.
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I think what you have is a string not array.
firstly you should convert string in to array.
var str = old_str.split(",");

here old_str is the string what u think it as an array.
str is an array you can then get the length of an array.

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i figured out how to get the length of the array. i cannot now figure out how to split the array into individual values...below is my code.

picnumber is how many items there are and ppic are all the values. I need to be able to get individual values...

I want to load the first value into my loader...then if I click a button have it load the next one and/or go to the previous. How would I go about that? Isn't ppic already in an array?
//connect to xml file
var photoArray:Array;
var xmlConnect:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
var xmlData:XML = new XML();
xmlConnect.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, LoadXML);
xmlConnect.load(new URLRequest("xml.xml"));
function LoadXML(e:Event):void {
xmlData = new XML(;
function loadData(playlist:XML):void {
	var picnumber:Number = playlist.listitem.ppic.length();
	var ppic:String = playlist.listitem.ppic.text();
//put photos into an array

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ppic is a string and i can C it clearly in your declaration. can you trace ppic for me?

A trace of ppic outputted my two values butted up against each other. Also traced picnumber and got 2. So they are both tracing correctly. I just need to be able to get each value dynamically.
hey tell me what is the output when you trace ppic ?

I don't see why you need the exact results because the content doesn't matter but it is..


This is correct but I need to know how to call string2 independent of string1. My xml files will constantly change so it needs to be dynamic.
Is there a way that you can get your out put
string1,string2 format (that is with a , seperated)?

I have done this but I get the same comma or anything broken up...also no errors though. What do you suggest?
//put photos into an array
var str = ppic.split(",");

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Could you please show me your XML file..

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