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Disk Staging Tape Consolidation fails for SQL Backup.

We run Arcserve r12. We backup multiple file servers and a SQL servers using GFS.

We use a Primary server with disk staging and the staging policy is enabled to consolidate when migrating the data to tape. The tape drive is a Dell 16 tape LTO3 autoloader.

What is happening is the Daily Full SQL backup isn't being consolidated to the same tape as the file system backups. So every day this 200MB database backup is consuming an entire 400/800GB tape.

I've contacted CA Support and the first day they looked, they said what's happening for for the Weekly Full backup was normal. He said the next day, our incremental backup, it would consolidate fine. The following day it didn't consolidate so CA looked again and told me to check the Append option where I specified the consolidation policy. I told him the manual said that option would consolidate all the dailies onto a single tape instead of using a new tape for each day. He said in a GFS setup it wouldn't, so we tried it. The manual was correct and all my dailies started appending on Monday's tape.

Is anyone successfully getting SQL and file system backups to consolidate to a single tape?

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I finally got time to play with the backup software some more and I believe I figured out why the SQL backup is using a different tape, but don't know how to fix it. In fact, I believe I have two different issues going on.

Since I'm using GFS Arcserve has taken over naming the media and determining which backup belongs in which Media pool. My file system backups are a Full Backup every Monday with daily incrementals.  My SQL backup is a Full backup daily with hourly incrementals.

Arcserve names my Monday tape "Media_F_MON_mm/dd/yyyy" (mm/dd/yyyy being the date of the backup). These Monday backups go into the Media_Wly media pool.

Tuesday's incremental tape is named "Media_I_TUE_mm/dd/yyyy" and these tape goes into the Media_Dly media pool.

Since my SQL backup is a daily full, Tuesday's tape is named "Media_F_TUE_mm/dd/yyyy".  What I want is for this Full backup to be written on "Media_I_TUE_mm/dd/yyyy".

Is there any way to get Arcserve to stop using F for full, D for differential, and I for incremental? If the media could just be named "Media_DAY_mm/dd/yyyy" I believe this would solve the first issue.

The second issue is that since my SQL backups are FULL backups everyday, Arcserve has picked a day other than Monday as the Weekly tape to be in the Weekly media pool. Is there a way to make Arcserve use Monday as my Weekly Full backup.


Tuesday's incremental

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The term "Backup" means the methods and processes involved to copy computer data (system data as well as application data) to media other than the ones where the data originally live (disk, tape, optical, cloud). "Restore" in turn means the methods and processes involved in data recovery, i. e., bringing back copied computer data to their original location. Backup/Restore primarily serves as a means of protection against data loss, be it due to disaster, corruption or sabotage. It can also be used for recovering data from an earlier point in time and even for cloning machines or applications. There is a wide variety of backup/restore software available, from expensive commercial products to free or open source tools.

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