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cannot connect to remote sites using computer name

i have 3 sites. site1, 2, 3.
from Site 1, i can ping site 2 and site 3 by ip address. but not by hostname
from site 2, i can ping site 1 by ip and host name ,however, i can only ping by ip not hostname to site 3
from site 3, i can ping site 1 by ip and hostname, AND i can ping site 2 by ip and hostname. strangely, when i ping site 2 from 3, i get a ttl=128

i reside at site 1 and i want to be able to rdp by hostname not ip, is there a way how i can fix all this?

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Cláudio Rodrigues
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Do you have a WINS server? Can you ping using the full FQDN name like

Cláudio Rodrigues

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Which dns servers use every site ?
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site 3 can ping both.
 i cant ping both. i currently am at site 1 where i can only ping using ip address
I assume you got a DNS server (AD integrated) in each site (a little more info about your network/system would make it easier to add some comments)

If the sites are different domains with use of trust:
Make sure DNS in site 1 have the site 2 and site 3 zone as secondary zones. Then you should be able to ping hosts in site 2 and site 3 by FQDN.

If you want to ping NETBIOS name, you need to setup WINS replication between the sites or set static mappings in "..\drivers\etc\hosts"

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first, i goto AD users and computers and i try to connect to another domain. it does not. i assume that means we have no trust relations.
second, i goto site 3, look at wins and nothing is configured.
at site 1, site 2 and 3 are secondary
at site 2, site 1 and 3 are secondary
at site 3, site 1 and 2 are secondary
So we are talking about three different active directory with 3 dns/domain controller.
To resolve names you can add, in each dns server config, the name of the remote domains and the dns responsible for the resolution of that domain.
In dns server at site1 you insert that the dns for the domain @site2.lan is the ip address of the dns server at site 2 and  insert that the dns for the domain @site3.lan is the ip address of the dns server at site 3.
This fo all the server.
In this way you'll able to resolve host.site1.lan from every site and so on.
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