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Folder Redirection

I have worked a little with Folder Redirection however I am experiencing some issues on a new server I just put in play.  Heres what I have as far as set up
1. My first server has active directory installed, and is being used as the primary domain controller.This server has the Folder Redirection group policy applied.
2. I have another server in which is running BES on the same domain controller.  This server has more space so I have created a shared folder named "Folder Redirect."
3. I gave the shared folder all proper permissions and set the correct folder redirect path in Group policy.
However since I basically moved the folder redirecting to a new location all of my workstations are still attempting to syncronize to the old location (even after a gpupdate /force and a reboot)

Any help or suggestions as to where I could be going wrong, would be greatly appreciated.
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