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Troubles with IPhone, Exchange 2003 and SSL

I have a CLient that just got a New IPhone 3G and I was asked to set it up on thier Exchange (2003) Server for them.

I followed a bunch of guides I found from Google
http://io.yort.com/self-signed-imap-ssl-certs-on-iphone/                                              http://www.iphonebuzz.com/how-to-setup-exchange-on-iphone-2-beta-3-152196.php http://www.zimbra.com/forums/zimbra-mobile/19966-iphone-2-0-software-activesync-work-but-2.html http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?ForumId=76&TopicId=23933 

Were a Few of them.  But no Matter what I did I could not get the IPhone to Connect to the Server.

I tried the Phone with a Different Exchange account ( Non-SSL) and it worked right away.   So I'm assuming it has to do with the SSL and the Self Signed Certificate on the server ( Created with the ISS Admin Tools Selfssl.exe  )    I've even made a brand new Certificate thinking the old one might be bad some how.

I know that the IPhone uses  OMA to get the information from the server, so I made sure that worked.  Logged into  https://servername.com/OMA  and I was presented with a Logon box and I put in multiple Account names and passwords and I was always able to login. I basicly got a text based version of the email boxes.  

Only 2 Options that I've come up with are.  Use IMAP on the Server ( its not enabled) and setup the Account to use IMAP  or  Buy a Verisign Certificate and install it but even then I'm not sure if that witll fix the Problem.

Any Advice?
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