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A program using GUI that computes employee's salary according to the unique paycode

i'm a new java student, and i'm having problems calculating using GUI.
the question is like this:
a company pays its employees as follows: managers(who receive a fixed weekly salary), hourly workers (who receive fixed hourly wage up to 30 hours they work and 2.5 times thier hourly wage, for overtime hours worked), Commission workers(who receive $600 plus 5% of thier gross weekly sales).
write an application to compute the weekly pay for each employee. Each employee has its own pay code: 1.pay code for a manager 2:pay code for hourly workes 3:pay code for commission workers.
The program should compute each employee's pay per week, total amount of wages to be paid per week, total amount of overtime payment in a week.

your help will be greatly appreciated


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