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Inner join query not returning results using "LIKE" operator

Hey Experts!!
I have a query (below), that I am trying to have return results if the MMColParam (varable) if the variable is somewhere within the number using "LIKE" as the operator.
The query works if I enter the ENTIRE number exactly, however this is not what I need.  

Can someone help??????
SELECT DISTINCT (Client.ACT_no) AS Expr1, *
FROM (((ACT_Master RIGHT JOIN Client ON ACT_Master.ACT_No = Client.ACT_no) 
INNER JOIN AED_master ON Client.ACT_no = AED_master.ACT_No) 
INNER JOIN Models ON AED_master.Model_ID = Models.Model_ID) 
INNER JOIN Cat_Sub ON Client.CatSub_ID = Cat_Sub.CatSub_ID
WHERE (((AED_master.Serial_Code) LIKE [MMColParam]));

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Microsoft AccessSQL

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