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Creating Multiple Views


     I've asked this question before but I think I've come to an epiphany with the answer.

I have the following DB schema (4th normal form):


     I would like to create a view on the following tables:

table project:
     columns:   project_id, name, creation_date, creation_id, subject

table project_assignments
     columns:   project_assignment_id, project_id, position_id, user_id

table project_positions
     columns:   position_id, definition

table users
     columns:   user_id, username

Now, I want to denormalize and have
project_id, name, creation_date, creation_id, subject, position 1, user 1, position 2, user 2, etc.

I was thinking of doing a view dealing w/ positions and then building the view from there.

For example:
position1_view = project_id, position 1, user 1   where position 1 is unique
from there, build a total positions view:
total_postions_view = project_id, position1_view, position2_view, etc

Then my last view returns project_id, name, creation_date, creation_id, subject, total_positions_view

To me this seems logical, but is this practical?  is something like this something worth considering?  The only downside is if I add a new position I would have to change the total_positions_view.    Is this something that's done normally?  Basically the client wants to have rows of records like the above, not broken up by project then have a sub category of positions.

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