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Printing Crystal Report to postscript


I'm using the latest version of Crystal Reports 2008 (Service pack 0). I'm creating the web application with Visual Studio 2005 (C#).

I need to print Crystal reports to Postscript file, so I installed a postscript printer for this. Everything works, but there is one problem - every time the user tryies to print a report, it gets a prompt for file name. This is not acceptable for us, and doesn't make sense, because everything is specifyied in my code:

PrinterSettings ps = new PrinterSettings();
ps.PrinterName = "TRADEPOSTSCRIPT";
ps.PrintFileName = txtPath.Text.Trim() + " " + txtFormNo.Text.Trim() + ".ps";
ps.PrintToFile = true;
rpt.PrintOptions.CopyFrom(ps, ps.DefaultPageSettings);
rpt.PrintToPrinter(1, true, 0, 0);

Do you know how to solve this problem? I posted a question in the Business Objects forum, but not getting any response.

I would appreciate your help very much.

Thank you,


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