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Looking for software that would provide online event registration and possibly product sales, any ideas?

Hello there, I am not sure this is a good place to ask this or not, but here it goes. I have come across a few products that provide what I am looking for but not one that has a reasonable price tag.

I have compiled a few of the features we are hoping that this software may be able to provide to us. I will list the general need and then some of the features under that which we would love to be able to do.

Event Registration Online

have clients and non clients register online and base the price on client vs. non-client fee
have clients that register online for one of our workshops the first 3 attendees are at the regular price,    any attendees over 3 receive a lower price.
be able to have multiple addresses for clients that register online in the database i.e.: a shipping and billing address separate
online billing for the events with a credit card OR be able to get a comma delimited file(or excel file) output with specific info in it sent to our MAS90 integrator for billing of paper invoices
have the imported file to our MAS90 account software contain city and or zip info for tax purposes on the sale
total reports for how much was billed for an event
being able to break these reports down into as much detail as possible is also nice

Products online

same type of features as in the events online
sales tax breakdowns for city shipped to
where they are getting shipped (city info)

Central database

the need to modify this database as people register to prevent duplicate entries
edit the clients information as they register or register for another workshop OR edit info if they send us a mailing about an address change
have our users  be able to log in one at a time is fine to update client information
mass emailing of notices of upcoming events and other information to clients in the databases
breaking this down further to have clients be able to be flagged as belonging to certain groups for the purpose of separating the mailings
print labels for mailings from the database
Also for accounting purposes to have some sort of Batch total report so we can compare and make sure what was billed paper invoice from our accounting software matches what should have been billed according to the total inputted into the database for an event or product sold per time period.

This is pretty much all of it that we need or some modified form of it that we can work with. I have yet to see any software that can meet ALL our needs so it will be interesting to see what suggestions the experts have for us and what type of costs are associated with that software.

Also the products looked at so far have been iMIS and EventRegister (Thriva product) which offer some or all of the features but at a higher cost then what is preferred. Starting to think it would be easier to develop this inhouse but would love to hear opinions and ideas for a solution to this if appropriate.
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