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Printer with a reliable print server built in

This may sound stright forward but I am interested in any input from folks with experience with printers.  

I have a computer that automatically prints reports at a scheduled time, some of these reports are big.  Here's the question, can anyone recommend a USB printer (or a particular feature), that has a very good print server.. I cannot setup another computer to act as a print server, I need the printer to have it all built in.  Ultimately I would like the computer to run the print job, have the print job sent to the printer and have the printer completely manage the print job.  If the printer is out of paper, or jammed, I want it to deal with the problems, and not have the computer show a backup in the print queue, or have it set off any alerts at all.  As far as the computer is concerned, once the print job is sent, all is good and it can go about its business and even send more print jobs, even if the printer is backed up.


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