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Export Outlook Calendar Permissions to Database automatically


I have been asked to create an application that will be publicly accessible to 2000+ employees that will expose Conference Room Availability to every employee on our intranet.  Each conference room will be setup as an Outlook Resource.  My superiors want to be able to restrict access to some of the conference rooms.  This will be accomplished in Exchange Security settings.

I have created a simple ASP.Net 2.0 application that uses a URL of the following format to retrieve free/busy information from MS Exchange 2003:


When the user agent header property of the HTTP request is set properly, an XML resultset is returned containing the availability of each resource listed in the URL (&u=SMTP:blah@domain.com).  Then I parse the XML resultset to retrieve the Free/Busy information for each conference room.  The Free/Busy information is displayed a nice little grid.

However, I need to be able to determine which Outlook Resources (Calendars) are restricted to the general public (default, anonymous security settings for the calendar).  As well, any changes to the Resources Name or Description must be determined.

I am storing a list of conference rooms in a separate database (SQL Server 2000).  Some of the conference rooms' Outlook Resource (Calendar) information is duplicated in this database: Ex.Description, Email.

QUESTION:  Is there a way to automatically export the Outlook Resource (Calendar) information from MS Exchange 2003 to my SQL Server 2000 database?  I need to copy over the folder Description and security settings.  Actually, the only security setting I need to know is if the folder is public or restricted: the default & anonymous security settings.

The Automatic export can happen on a nightly basis, or twice a day, or anything like that.  The point is to have it happen automatically so the system administrators don't have to maintain two systems (MS Outlook Exchange & SQL Server 2000).

Am I on the right track?

PS: I have already tried Outlook Redemption and run into many problems.
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