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Printing Preferences do not stay saved

I am supporting two users that are in the same department whose printing preferences will not stay saved even when restored to the default.  
When a user wants to print a normal 8 ½ by 11 page from a Dell laser printer they have to go into the printing preferences and choose the option under paper tray, and set paper tray to Auto.  Everything will work fine for that one print job.
However, when the same user on the same PC then prints something to a Cannon multifunction machine and then returns to the Dell printing preferences the paper tray setting is always changed back to   MPF Envelope.  The Dell printer preferences always revert back to the MPF Envelope paper tray settings.  This is happening on two computers on the same network.  
I logged in to the print server, selected the Dell printer in question, and ensured the printing preferences were set correctly on the server end.
The Dell printer is a model 5100cn, and the Cannon is a ImageRunner 330s. Both PC's are running XP Pro sp2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Couple things can be happening here:
1. Network settings preventing users from changing print preferences.
(This could be a settings on the Print Server - under Security Tab of Printer)
It might specify that the user has only Print permissions, not management permissions to printer.

2. Corrupt drivers, try reinstalling latest driver. This can happen to Dell printers when you update the driver. If you recently updated the driver, the new driver is not compatible with the old driver, and they become corrupt.
Solution: Delete printer, and reinstall from scratch using the latest drivers.
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Make sure you are setting the Server Printing Preferences from the Advanced Page and not the General Page on the Right click printer drop down.  All some some Dell drivers get there setting from the printer.  Login to the printer via its IP address and set the paper there.
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