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How do I create a function to add record to 2 tables.

If I have the following tables:
1. Article (ArID  ArTitle)
2. Author (AuhtID  AuthName)  (Please note that AuthID is not Autonumber)
3. ArAuthor (ArID  AuthID) --> used to link Article with Authors

And I want to implement the following as function:

Link AuthorName to Article (Inputs: ArID, AuthName)
1. Check if the AuthName Exists in Author (use "=" not "like")
        a. If (Yes):
                i. Add ArID and AuthID to ArAuthor
        b. If (No):
                i. Add Author to Author table (please note AuthID is not autonumber)
                ii. Add ArID and new AuthID to ArAuthor
2. Returns AuthID (what ever add new or it is already in Auth Table)

Thank you,
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@jorge_toriz, you forgot to return the @Authid...

simply add    select @Authid     before the END (and after the insert).
Is not necesary to make an explicit return ... check that @AuthId parameter is OUTPUT
so it is, did not read the parameter lines all that closely - sorry 'bout that.