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How to Make a Partition Bootable

I would like to know why Bootit NG says my newly created partitions (created by Bootit NG) are described as being not bootable ("bootable: No") due to their locations under properties. How do I make them bootable?

I created 2 HPFS/NTFS partitions on my 40 GB HD. Partition 0 (MBR 0) is a 25 GB partition. Partition 1 (MBR 1) is a 12 GB partition on the same drive. If I click on either one and select properties it tells me that it may not be bootable by some O.Ss.?  My goal is to load XP on the 25 GB partiton and use the 12 GB partiton for program files.

What do I need to do to make these partitons bootable, especially the 25 GB one and why does Bootit say it is not? Resizing has not helped. Thanks.
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It needs to be a System partition to be bootable.  Also, some OS's (but not XP) can't boot from secondary partitions without additional software help.
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Clarification please; so are you saying that Bootit NG considers them non-bootable because "some OSs can't boot from secondary partitions" but XP can?

Is there something I could have done to prevent this?

 What do I need to do to make the partition bootable, add a MBR by loading XP??
I don't know what Bootit is thinking, I was just mentioning that not all OSs can boot from the secondary partition and that might be why it's telling you it "may not be bootable by some OSs".  Your issue sounds like you created an extended partition and it is not a System partition.  Try making the partition the primary and a system parition.  You will have to delete and recreate the partitions.
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Thank you Garycase for a concise and thorough answer.